IMG 0396Run Courses:
The Gear West Duathlon will once again feature two classic “cross-country” style runs through the orchard and ball fields behind Orono Public Schools. Both run courses are just shy of 3 miles in length. The first run starts near Orono Highschool, running down Old Crystal Bay Road before entering the Orono Intermediate School parking lot and switching to grass and dirt. The route brings you through playing fields and the dirt service road before winding through the orchards area. Once in the orchard area, the route switches to winding single track before bringing you back up the only steep hill to the Intermediate School track. On the track, run a quick 200m before exiting and heading north back towards the high school. You will run the outer perimeter of a ball field before finishing in a natural chute that will drop you right in the transition area.
For the last running segment, the route is exactly the same, minus the section that runs down Old Crystal Bay Road. This time you will run from transition following the sidewalk past Orono Elementary and Intermediate School. One of the greatest features of this run course is the soft forgiving ground. By running on trails, you not only get fantastic views and challenging rolling terrain, but you minimize the impact on your legs. You will love the new high school venue as the finishing chute is just long enough to stretch the legs one last time and turn in a blazing second run split! Save some energy for that last run as the course will once again be moderately challenging and rolling!


Here is a video of the run course from the Gear West team:

Bike Course:
The Gear West Duathlon bike route takes you on a rolling loop featuring pristine rural views that the Gear West team rides on a weekly basis. You will find that the roads are in excellent condition and have wide shoulders that match our high concern for a safe and enjoyable race. With very few turns and an easy to follow course, you have ample opportunities to lay down a fast early season bike split! The bike course will be marked with arrows and there will be volunteers at the intersections to make sure that you stay on course. Additionally, we will be teaming up with the Orono, Medina, and Wayzata Police Departments to make sure that your race is safe and enjoyable at some of the busier intersections.


Imagine cycling 30 kilometers on some of the most gorgeous roads in the western suburbs.
Don't Believe it? Take a virtual tour of the course from the point of view of the cockpit!


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